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We sell beautiful Real Handmade Oriental Car Rugs in dozens of styles and colors.

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All CarpetRides Rugs Feature Fringe Tassels


Spring has arrived and its time to turn ones fancy to giving you and your car a new reason to spend more time together. Its times for CarpetRides!

All our prices are for a pair (2X) of CarpetRides rugs, for the Drivers side and Passenger side and includes Free Shipping. Our CarpetRides Rugs are sized 18" wide x 24" long.

See Pages 1-2 for all in stock CarpetRides Oriental Cars Rugs!

All CarpetRides Rugs Feature Fringe Tassels

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All CarpetRides Rugs Feature Fringe Tassels


All CarpetRides Rugs have tassel / fringe as is traditional on most handmade Oriental / Persian rugs from Asia. Our standard picture images show the rugs in full, close up, and fringe edge views.

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